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Temporary crosses will be lettered with a special 8y outdoor film. Enduring crosses will be engraved.

Our inscriptions are precisely tailored to the needs and size of the wooden cross. Prices excluding taxes, free shipping.

Please choose a Font:

Holzkreuz Beschriftung Middle Middle
Holzkreuz Beschriftung Arial Arial
Holzkreuz Beschriftung Century Century
Holzkreuz Beschriftung Times Times
Holzkreuz Beschriftung Swing Swing
Holzkreuz Beschriftung Hands Hands

Overview of all letters of our fonts

Grave marker inscription name 16.20

Empty field = no caption

Name : Please pay attention to EXACT spelling

Tip: You can label one wooden cross with two names by multiple opening of this page and placing the inscriptions in the correct order in the cart.

Grave marker inscription born/died 8.65

Empty field = no caption

* e.g. 1950-5-30 or 30.05.1950

Please select the location of the dates

middle part foot part

Please take your time to check the entries

You can decorate the grave marker with additional text in the selected font or various symbols

Following options labeling the top of the grave marker are available :

geavemarker lies gravemarker memory gravemarker symbol rose gravemarker symbol pax gravemarker symbol angel
Text Text Rose Pax Angel
gravemarker symbol praying gravemarker symbol dove gravemarker symbol teddy gravemarker symbol A and O gravemarker symbol paw
Pray Dove Teddy A and O Paw
gravemarker symbol rings gravemarker no symbol
Rings no caption

Grave marker inscription head 7.55

The bottom of the wooden cross can also be decorated :

gravemarker data Symbol Rose
Symbol Pax
Symbol Angel
Symbol Pray
Symbol Dove
Symbol Teddy
Symbol A and O
Symbol Paw

no caption

Grave marker inscription bottom 7.55

Tip: Shall we observe something particular, during the step "order completion" you have the possibility to send us a message.

Nothing matches? We look forward to receiving your individual labeling wishes by email.
Also foreign characters, such as Cyrillic or Arabic are available, please contact us.

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