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Lettering with a slate

The inscription is burned with a laser onto the slate. So the lettering is very longlasting. The tile format is 7.8" (20cm) x 3.9" (10cm) with a thickness of 5-8mm.

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grave marker lettering middle Middle
grave marker lettering Arial Arial
grave marker lettering Century Century
grave marker lettering Times Times
grave marker lettering Swing
grave marker lettering Hands Hands

Overview of all letters of our fonts


Slate basic price 6.45

Please choose the inscription (empty field = no lettering)

Line 1 text small size max. 50 letters
Line 2 name large size
Line 3 dates middle size
Line 4 text small size max. 50 letters

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The assembly of the slate is prepared. For safety reason it will be dispatched dismantled.

Tip: Shall we observe something particular, during the step "order completion" you have the possibility to send us a message.

Nothing matches? We look forward to receiving your individual labeling wishes by email.
Also foreign characters, such as Cyrillic or Arabic are available, please contact us.

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